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The Flash Flood


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The Flash Flood
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What do you get when you mix electro, indie rock and classical music? This would be it!
United States
The Flash Flood
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Alegro Triste
Orange County, California
Electro / Indie Rock / Classical
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David C
The Flash Flood was started in late 2009 when founder David decided he would finally attempt to actually complete an album and that is what he set off to do.
After seeing the rise of Indie rock and Electro and the fall of Emo music there seemed to be only one path left to the future of music in David's eyes. A combination of Indie rock and Electro. David found inspiration in the electro remixes done by french bands and the american imitations. Shortly after studying the styles of these french electro bands David noticed classical understones that could not be ignored. Being fond of classical music, movie/video game soundtracks and bands that embrace classical styles such as Muse, David opened himself to a third genre to mix into his creation. Classical, Indie Rock, Electro
Album production: David is currently writing and producing his first EP while creating his own website, myspace template, twitter ect... using his web development skills. Influences: So many, but a few of the more recent ones: Digitalism, Justice, Danger, Sinichi Osawa, Muse, Thrice, The Mars Volta, Metric, Yelle, The Wombats, AIR, The Killers(First album only), Denali, Panic! at the Disco (First album only), Circa Survive, Radio Head, The Bravery, Beethoven, Nobuo Uematsu ..