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The name is Shanice Cole. I'M deeply in love with music, dancing, and acting. BIO:I n 2006 I discovered my talent for writing, I then entered local poetry contest and i won 1st place for all of them. Though, I was a young talent I still remained and remain undiscovered. I started perfecting my art of acting, dancing, and rapping and well i've been in love with music ever since. Micheal Jackson was always my influence for dancing. Around my 12th birthday (last year) i auditioned for POW acting show case. I was accepted but, refused to have to pay in order to show case my talents.In 2010, I entered the brave new voices contest in Milwaukee though I didnt win 1st place, my talents were show cased when a 7th grader won 4 place against 10-12 graders. From that day I became and owed the name SoEpic. Now, you can see all the time working, crafting, perfecting, and creating my talents.
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Shanice Cole
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IM Just Getting Started MixTape
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m/shanice.cole THE FIRST RAP I EVER WROTE: I'm shooting right pass the stars I'm doing the impossible like life on mars that's where they got Kim Possible I make the impossible possible an all that trash talk stopped when I became unstoppable the realest girl real make it done without a record deal heading to the top going for number one support me or not believe i can make it done. so step your game up or else your time will be up I going with stone talents I created luck I coming in hard harder then a monster truck. Lifetime Quote: I follow the music the music and the beat follows me. Physicality I'm tangible but my talents are RELENTLESS AND A LEGACY. NEVER STOP MY MUSIC." -SHANICE COLE AKA SOEPIC AKA 5STARNISEY"