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Refuse No Day


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Refuse No Day
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Refuse No Day is a So Cal Band which was formed in June of 2009. Richard sought out to fulfill his vision of assembling a band which utilized his vocal influences from the early 90’s which include: Lane Staley, Axel Rose, Scott Wylan and James Hetfield. All three members were anxious to get the project rolling and started to collaborate on songs. Within six months of meeting each other, Refuse No Day had written and recorded their first album. With their collective influences of bands like: Metallica, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Helmut, Guns n’ Roses and Black Sabbath, They had created an album which seemingly stripped rock n’ roll to its core and exposed it in it’s rawest form. Refuse No Day now armed with three solid members, a 10 track album and strong determination are now ready to slap the music industry in the face with their refreshing brand of rock. Rock the way it should be played!
United States
Refuse No Day
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Refuse No Day Demo
So Cal
Hard Rock/Grunge/Metal
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Richard, Peter, Nick.
Richard Schroeder has always been a singer since he was 5 years old. He quickly learned how to play several instruments which consisted of Piano, guitar, bass guitar, and violin. He is a 5th Generation bass player and has studied music in College for a few years. He started his first band when he was thirteen years old which was a punk band called Uncultured, but was disbanded briefly after only playing for a few months. He soon started another band called No Sense which originally consisted influences such as Nirvana and punk rock, but Richard left the band because other members wanted to change genre to POP. Richard then Formed another band out in the Hacienda Heights area called Resonance, which was a four piece band that consisted of influences like Metallica, Megadeth, Guns N Roses and others. After the breakup of the group, Richard was fed up with trying to start his own band, so he decided to find a band that needed a singer. Mike Albert (former Megadeth guitarist) heard Richard's vocals on his old Resonance cd and had scheduled tryouts in their rehearsal space. He was in the band on that same day. Richard had also done some vocals for the band Decimate Inc with a couple of the members from Mike Albert Project. Richard was a front man for Mike Albert Project but also wanted to keep up with his bass playing skills so he started another band which did not have a name yet. He talked to a couple of friends to start out the project and see how it would go. The project started out fine but then problems occurred with one of the members on how the band should be run then went MIA for 4 months, the remaining members left due to financial problems. Richard had to find some new people which ended up being Nick and Pete. The Two were a perfect fit, they all decided to come up with the name Refuse No Day" and then 6 months later had come out with 10 songs ready to perform on stage and still performing to this day."
Nick Fasone started playing the drums in 1997. He quickly learned how to play to his favorite bands at the time which included: No Use For a Name, NOFX and Lagwagon. He formed a punk band (Self Serve) and played at places which include: The Whiskey a Go Go and The Opium Den. After the punk scene started to die down, he started a hard rock band in 2003 Which gigged around for about a year before breaking up. Nick, frustrated with his dream of making it in a band constantly fizzling, decided to stop playing. It wasn't until 2009 when he had the urge to get back into it. He found a band (Refuse No Day) looking for a drummer. "When I heard their demo I got this weird tingely sensation. I just knew that I had to try to play with these guys". Refuse No Day was just what Nick was looking for. A group of guys all on the same page, looking to create something new and original
Peter started playing guitar in May of 2000. He took lessons for about a month before he realized that he didn't like playing nursery rhymes. Luckily, the majority of his friends were also picking up the guitar. That gave Peter and his friends some friendly competition. Trading riffs and ideas back and forth, it wasn't until he discovered Metallica that Peter became obsessed with rhythm guitar. While the rest of his friends were trying crank out Kirk Hammett licks, Peter was determined to master the art of down-picking and trem picking. Needless to say James Hetfield is his idol even to this day. In February of '09 after his 23rd birthday Peter decided to make a big change in his life. He was done playing gigs out of small town New Jersey. He wanted to come out to the big leagues, and so he drove his 1999 Dodge Ram Van out to California and into the Wild West itself. He met up with Refuse No Day, and the rest is history in the making.