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With a unique perspective shaped by both physical and cultural distance, Australian rockers have long been masters of synthesizing musical influences from the UK and America to create captivating, high-energy music – from Johnny O’Keefe in the ‘50s to the Easybeats in the ‘60s, from AC/DC in the ‘70s to INXS in the ‘80s, from Silverchair in the ‘90s to Jet in the ‘00s. Carrying on their homeland tradition, Jet emerged in 2002 with a self-released EP that landed them a coveted opening slot on the Rolling Stones’ Australian tour. Signed to Elektra, the quartet – comprised of brothers Nic and Chris Cester, Cam Muncey, and Mark Wilson – released their debut album, Get Born, in 2003. As All Music Guide said, “the band’s mix of Exile on Main St. swagger and brash, AC/DC-styled stomp dovetailed nicely with America’s garage rock revival.” As a result, Jet became a multi-platinum, international success story. Given Elektra’s deep roots in the evolution of music technology – driven by Jac Holzman’s innovations in recording techniques and pioneering work in the LP, CD, and digital formats – it was only fitting that it was an Elektra artist who helped launch the iPod revolution. The first single from Get Born, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” was used in the second iPod television commercial, a modern media classic featuring the now-iconic dancing silhouettes. While Jet only released one other album on Elektra, Shine On, their exuberant and honest brand of rock’n’roll cross-pollination has earned them the era-closing spot in the Elektra60 Timeline, the last track to be featured before the label enters its five-year dormancy.


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