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The Doors From The Inside

  • The Doors From The Inside


    With Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, John Densmore & Jac Holzman

    Produced by: Sandy Gibson
    Executive Producer: Jac Holzman
    Written by: Sandy Gibson, Jac Holzman, John “Flex” Fleming
    Engineer: Mick McCabe

    Episode 1: 1966 – The Beginning: UCLA, Local L.A. Clubs, Signed to Elektra Records
    Run time: 47:37

    Episode 2: 1967 – “Light My Fire” Goes Number One
    Run time: 47:46

    Episode 3: 1968 – From Small Clubs to Ballrooms to Arenas
    Run time: 44:55

    Episode 4: 1969 – Miami and Its Reverberations
    Run time: 48:35

    Episode 5: 1970 – Back to Basics: “Morrison Hotel”
    Run time: 48:46

    Episode 6: 1971 – “L.A. Woman,” Jim’s Departure for Paris, and the Doors Today
    Run time: 47:30

    A special thanks to Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek for new musical contributions, and to those many insiders who shared their memories so freely.

    © ® 1988 by Valley Isle Productions Ltd.
    All Rights Reserved.

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David's picture

Genial esto es musica para mis oidos! I hope you can print it on a cd o mp3 avaliable very soon! saludos desde Metepec, México!

claudio's picture

This is a very good production! I heard 8 live albums by The Doors two months ago. And now listening the "inside" is a great liberation for my mind. Thanks!

Surpur's picture

Wow - this is great stuff! Thanks a lot :)

alfshumway's picture

Cool stuff. Thanks for this.

HillJack's picture

Is this available as a podcast or mp3 on iTunes... so I can listen later on my iPod? Just don't have the time to be anchored to the computer for six hours.

Arthur Phoenix's picture

This is pure gold!
Thanks for making this available for all to hear.
The Doors' legacy is truly beyond measure.
Blessed be,